So, I guess I figured I should talk a little bit here about what influences me creatively, and what makes me want to make artwork. I suppose probably the biggest driving force at the moment is when I hear something on a podcast or other piece of audio that I think would make for a good video, usually this is spoken word or a short sketch or advertisement.

However, audio alone can also be a means to an end, and something that I enjoy making: I have tried briefly to make my own approximation of a radio play and a fake news broadcast after listening to such things as the extensive catalogue of the KWUR Theater of the Air, and the Onion radio news, not to mention all my musical performances.

Audio is also usually a great source of information for me, for example the Geek A Week podcast, the recent interview with Phill Jupitus on, and the interviews there generally on the “A Bit Of A Chat” podcast are generally informative on the inner workings of things, and the attitudes of people in various industries such as Adam Savage or John Hodgman.

Another good source is the Stuff You Should Know podcast for more general information and introductions to interesting things such as cave dwelling animals, ninja, samurai, the concept of Quantum Suicide etc.

Audio is probably fast becoming my most common way of getting inspiration and ideas because of the mass amount of content available quickly and easily for free via the internet, and the fact that it is transportable, so you can do other things while you listen to it.

I still need to be informed visually in order to make work however, and I think this is definitely something that I should work on. Usually, because I don’t have all that much money, getting a DVD or watching a film at the cinema is still a special experience and has a lot of impact on me, which I think is why after seeing Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai movie, I started using more black and white video because of the fantastic precedent it set for me in terms of how good it can look, especially on the digital projection and the big screen I saw it on, it was really pretty great.

And then there’s the last movie I saw in the cinema, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which featured different uses of text pretty heavily, which was already something I was interested in and doing, but it showed a lot of different ways I hadn’t thought of or been able to.

Another thing that I think I should work on is the use of different kinds of shots and especially the use of lighting in my videos. I believe that my composition and technical skill is increasing quite a bit and also that I am becoming a little bit better at trying to copy different things visually as opposed to just making things up myself: I need to remember that there is a precedent and a huge library of work available to study from!

Another thing that influences me perhaps even more than information is personality, and the essence of something. Also, the dog is whining a lot so I’ll finish this later, seriously it has not shut up for about three paragraphs.


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