Throughout my extensive and illustrious two year film-making career, I have created a wide number of videos (well, somewhere between eighty and a hundred), all with at least a slightly humourous aspect to them, or at least, that is the intention.

I definitely think that, after having found a good working strategy, i.e., making videos to fit audio, my work has improved a lot. Perhaps one thing now might be to narrow things down further, which is something I’ve tried with creating different serializations of videos, and also to try to explore more mediums when creating the images and objects shown in the work.

This is starting to sound a bit too much like an essay though, but, another thing I find with my work is that I tend to use audio from things that I admire and want to honour, in some way. Maybe to give back some kind of thanks to them, or whatever. This may also just be because I find them enjoyable and so think that they make enjoyable work, which is definitely part of it, and also part of why I find making them to be enjoyable.

Also, this was written at about ten to midnight and I’ve just been watching “EXAM” so, I shall have to end it now I think. Good movie, though.


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