Today we are going to be looking at drawing machines. And also I’m going to plug the album “Powder Burns” by The Twilight Singers, because it is fantastic.

First of all: it really is a pretty great album, guys! Check it out.
Second of all, the project I need to do for the art workshop involves making drawing machines. So, I figured I’d have a look through what I could find on the internet about them so I had a better knowledge of the kind of stuff I could be doing.

So, let’s start!

First of all, there are the more precisely calibrated, software-enhanced machines which appear to be basically glorified printers with ideas above their station, as shown below (in fact, couldn’t a printer be classed as a drawing machine?):

Potentially, two definitions are open for exploration in this project: “Drawing” and “Machines”.

Other examples: Nam June Paik’s Magnet TV

This post is a work-in-progress, I will update it when I have access to a computer that can run a youtube video without crashing.


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