Here are a few of them:




Twitter is responsible for me knowing about these, specifically the users Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, and John Hodgman. In other news, the video is… Well, it’s coming along. I’ve got some images drawn for it, but I’ve been told the audio is a little hard to hear, and I’m inclined to agree, so I’m going to re-record the voice stuff a few times, and see what works best. I also think I might add a few effects, since for some reason I was working under the impression previously that the story took place in a moor, but in actuality it seems to be some kind of bizarre swamp, followed by a rocky, old cliff, followed by a… Poorly defined plateau. So… Yeah.



This is probably my favourite song and music video in one:

It’s a music video with the making of built in! Really fun too, lots of cool 8-bit animations and a good sense of humour. Also, an ending that predates Inception! And… Yeah, I am not going to lie, I have no idea what any of this song is about or the meanings of any of the lyrics. Well done me.

There’s also this video, which I don’t really know what to say much about, but I wanted to put something that was about art, but which also featured another thing I like listening to, i.e. The Cryptid Factor (on 95bfm, New Zealand radio, google it, or if you’re too lazy just click here) – I’m still working through the archives at the moment so I’ve not listened to them all, but everything I have listened to is great, well worth checking out.

As for my own stuff, audio completed for a new video, going to be working on the drawings and hope to post at least one by the end of tonight. Not entirely sure how many images I’m going to do, but they’re all going to be fairly small landscape type deals, so shouldn’t take too long, right? Also, quick reference point here to a website I just found out about through the podcast 19 Nocturne Boulevard and the name of the website is Incompetech, and there’s Royalty Free Music is my point, so, use that a source, okay? It’s good and it’s free.

Now here’s another thing from the Cryptid Factor:


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