Bradford International Film Festival (March 17-27)
Games thing at wherever that was (February 5)
The Dunwich Horror Combo (Radio play etc, expensive though)
The Scarifyers (Radio plays, bit expensive but less so)
Blood Brothers (Call of Cthulhu RPG book)
At The Mountains of Madness (Comic book)
Hellboy trades (vol. IV onwards)
Horror on the Orient Express Trailer Animation (ongoing project)
Podcast Report (more reviews on podcasts etc)

Also I watched Rashomon and it was pretty good, wish I’d seen it before Seven Samurai though but what’re you going to do, didn’t entirely know what to expect so I think giving it another re-watch in a few months once it’s had time to settle in would be a good idea?

Re-watched No Country for Old Men last night, hadn’t seen it since the first time about a year or so (possibly two?) ago, definitely enjoyed it a lot more this time and picked up on a lot more of the subtleties (Anton checking to see how clean his shoes are, etc) and enjoyed the Sheriff role a lot more this time around, knowing that that was the real kind of, focus of the story?

Going to get drawing and inking up the map for the Horror on the Orient Express trailer animation tonight, hoping to have this one as kind of an extension of the last video, but obviously more of a complete experience. Ran into some problems with the map before when I tried doing it in Flash, went over the whole of the map of Europe, including all the annoying little islands, and then when I re-opened it, it had decided that there must’ve been too many lines, or something, and started getting rid of them at a geometric rate.

Guess that’s what you get for relying too much on technology, so, from now on just going to use it for shorter, complete segments that I can have finished in one session and then know that they’re done.

So, going to go back to working on more physical objects I think for a bit.

Had an idea for using some miniature figures maybe for a small something, so, shall see how that goes and hopefully will have a new video up before too long.

I’ll try and come back to this post later so that it’s less fragmented at the beginning, but, no promises. Might try and expand upon the initial list thing in further posts if not. Otherwise, it’s just there as an example of the spring-boarding process employed to jump-start the writing of this post.

Edit: Actually, reading one of the reviews on has just made me remember about Miyazaki movies, and how I own Spirited Away upstairs but I’ve never watched the movie in the original Japanese track with subtitles. Guess I’ll have to fix that, soon… Whenever I’ve watched it previously, it’d been back when I was still unsure about subtitles, and hadn’t really wanted to see a subtitled film…

Also, anyone who thinks like that long term had better have some kind of trouble reading or something, because, what a crazy way to live your life! Well, I’d better get going now because otherwise this post is just going to run on forever. Bye!



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