Got sick.

Got pretty sick over the weekend, lost Sunday. Was asleep all day. Will try and work on things as soon as possible. Sorry for not posting anything!

Here is one of the things that has been cheering me up (old but still):



It seems so obvious, but there really is a world of difference between just having the footage sewn together with timing and beats, and then adding effects and underlying music to it. This video is definitely cheating by having everything in a kind of black and white, to artificially make the end result seem a little more polished (you can’t see how badly the camera picks up colours sometimes, for example) – but I think I managed to just about use enough effects, especially lighting and contrast enhancement, to make it interesting.

There are a few parts which I think don’t work so well, where things are too dark or the “mirror” effect at the end where it kind of ripples, which was lazy shorthand where I should have had multiple frames skipping on vertical hold, but it is looking promising for the final video, and I think I shall keep this visual style.

Not entirely sure about the audio style, although I do think the woodwind works well in this case, but my voice work leaves a bit to be desired, even after being as distorted as it has. But, with a little luck you won’t have to hear me so much for the final product.

All seems to be progressing quite nicely though, and I think I’ve found all the locations for the shots I want, so… Just going to work on scriptwriting and then maybe try and find, or make, some props.

Oh, and here’s the video:

Test Footage

Went out and shot this, edited it, uploaded it. Took a little over 3 and a half hours? Computer was acting a little strange and kept crashing. Feels good to have another video done finally, but looking forward to having something with a narrative in the pipeline.

This isn’t particularly high quality, as I didn’t want to have a massive file size just yet. The end result should probably be a little better looking than this, but I’m still working with the limitations of the camera!

Haven’t added any effects to it yet, other than a “repeating” bit towards the end which I think works especially well (made by cutting before and just slightly after the car appears, and then copy/pasting that section), and the close-up of the TV is sped up, along with a bit of the “Vacancies” sign at the end, which I think made it look a bit smoother, just as a change from the other stuff. There’s also, I think, a brief bit of reversed footage on the tunnel with the rain, which doesn’t work so well. But, yeah, haven’t added anything from the “Effects” section.

This was a fun video to make! Even if I did end up falling over in the mud and losing some of the videos I’d shot, and the camera was acting up a little even before then. Wasn’t too keen on the idea of staying out there in the rain either, and I was a little worried about getting lost – those woods are huge! Still, I’m kind of going for a bit of a “Found Footage” look at the moment, and I think it’s working pretty well.

The part of the main video involving the woods is going to be kind of a memory, a re-telling of an event, so I thought it made sense to have this kind of style to it. The beginning should be a little different, so that’s something else I’ll have to practice! I’ll try to keep you posted, but I’m not sure how much information to give away right now, since I’m not sure exactly how the story will change as I adapt it, or if I end up having to go with a different story.

Next step: Writing and Test Effects!

Lack of Updates

Well, a bunch of things happened! I had kidney stones, and then the computer blew up, and then I was just not feeling like doing much for a while.

Back now, and working on a new video which should hopefully be done by next week? I am not going to lie, in the interim I have mainly been playing a lot of Half Life 2 and Call of Cthulhu.

PS: Regarding the last thing? The games thing in February was “okay”, pretty bad to be honest, and, I am too broke to go to any of the Film Festival stuff! It doesn’t look like there’s all that much there this year to be honest though, apart from a talk thing with Terry Gilliam, and there is a Muppets thing happening and you get to make free puppets, but that seems like more of a family thing so I don’t know if I’ll go to that.

Now I’m off to go shoot video of the woods! I’ll be back and try and post a video of my findings later. This one’s mainly kind of location scouting and seeing the kinds of effects I can do with it, etc. Might be adapting another story and making audio to go along with a project, which involves woodland areas.

The Horror on the Orient Express Trailer thing is cancelled, due to having lost all the work I did on it when the old computer exploded, and also due to not having Macromedia Flash anymore. At least I still have Corel VideoStudio! E-mail download links which only pretend they will expire are the best kind of e-mail links?

I still want to upgrade to Adobe After Effects and get a HD camera, but, broke. Trying to get a job.


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