Lack of Updates

Well, a bunch of things happened! I had kidney stones, and then the computer blew up, and then I was just not feeling like doing much for a while.

Back now, and working on a new video which should hopefully be done by next week? I am not going to lie, in the interim I have mainly been playing a lot of Half Life 2 and Call of Cthulhu.

PS: Regarding the last thing? The games thing in February was “okay”, pretty bad to be honest, and, I am too broke to go to any of the Film Festival stuff! It doesn’t look like there’s all that much there this year to be honest though, apart from a talk thing with Terry Gilliam, and there is a Muppets thing happening and you get to make free puppets, but that seems like more of a family thing so I don’t know if I’ll go to that.

Now I’m off to go shoot video of the woods! I’ll be back and try and post a video of my findings later. This one’s mainly kind of location scouting and seeing the kinds of effects I can do with it, etc. Might be adapting another story and making audio to go along with a project, which involves woodland areas.

The Horror on the Orient Express Trailer thing is cancelled, due to having lost all the work I did on it when the old computer exploded, and also due to not having Macromedia Flash anymore. At least I still have Corel VideoStudio! E-mail download links which only pretend they will expire are the best kind of e-mail links?

I still want to upgrade to Adobe After Effects and get a HD camera, but, broke. Trying to get a job.


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