It seems so obvious, but there really is a world of difference between just having the footage sewn together with timing and beats, and then adding effects and underlying music to it. This video is definitely cheating by having everything in a kind of black and white, to artificially make the end result seem a little more polished (you can’t see how badly the camera picks up colours sometimes, for example) – but I think I managed to just about use enough effects, especially lighting and contrast enhancement, to make it interesting.

There are a few parts which I think don’t work so well, where things are too dark or the “mirror” effect at the end where it kind of ripples, which was lazy shorthand where I should have had multiple frames skipping on vertical hold, but it is looking promising for the final video, and I think I shall keep this visual style.

Not entirely sure about the audio style, although I do think the woodwind works well in this case, but my voice work leaves a bit to be desired, even after being as distorted as it has. But, with a little luck you won’t have to hear me so much for the final product.

All seems to be progressing quite nicely though, and I think I’ve found all the locations for the shots I want, so… Just going to work on scriptwriting and then maybe try and find, or make, some props.

Oh, and here’s the video:


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