I’ve got it!

We’ll do it with LEGO mini-figures. That should work, right?
Anyway, sorry for not having updated for a while. Video stuff ended up being put on the back-burner for a bit while I did some things for the stables, which now has a new website (well, a blog) and I’ve done a few more canvas paintings.

But, the scanner’s broken and the (non-video) camera’s over at the stables waiting for me to take some photographs, so you’ll have to wait to see those I guess. For now, here’s this music video:

I really like this video, even if it does cut out the fantastic “Witchazel” weirdness at the end. More updates to come later! Going to be running an audio game of Call of Cthulhu tonight on Skype, anyway. Next week is Free Comic Book Day (May 1st, which I guess is Sunday? Not sure how that’ll work).


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