Working on some podcast reviews.

This post is mostly a lot of text, so I’m going to liven it up with a little video at the beginning and end.

You remember that time a while back when I said I was going to do some more podcast reviews or discussion? Well, I picked out 21 podcasts, made a cool looking gallery in a draft, and now I figure for the next 21 days I’ll try to write a review for each of them, as best I can. As for where I got this idea, I cannot reveal my sources (it’s Goggleman64).

So, obviously that’s going to provide a flood of content hitherto unknown to this here blog, well, at least for a while, I’ll try posting them separately and see if they hold up as individual posts. I’m not entirely sure whether to start today or tomorrow.

To tide you over until then, here are some more movies hand picked from the free collection at YouTube. I’ve just finished His Girl Friday, and, man, that’s a pretty amazing movie! And directed by Howard Hawks, who, as you should know by that trailer up there, was the producer (and, apparently, uncredited director) of The Thing From Another World.

One thing I’ll say about watching movies on YouTube is that it’s a lot easier to stop and come away from. I’m not entirely sure yet whether that’s a good or bad thing. But getting to watch some of these movies has been nice.

“The Thing from Another World” – Here.
“House on Haunted Hill” – Here.
“The Third Man” – Here.
“The 39 Steps” – Here.

Also, go down to that last post down there and check out Amy’s blog.


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