The Curious Case of Samuel Twain (Trailer) & Personal Demons (Trailer)

This is just part of getting the look together for a new MSPA forum adventures thing I’m working on! Hopefully it’ll mean I make a few more videos in the future, so look forward to maybe hearing about those when I remember to post them on here. Oh! I also did some volunteer work recently which was quite good for this tour thing, they had paintings, performance art and audio stuff that was great. Plus a short film segment. Interesting stuff!

Anyway, on to the video, that first one was done in a few hours and I’m pretty sure I didn’t write anything. The idea was originally due to watching the Renegade intro video and wanting to do something with a similar kind of tone, and also the idea of the outlaw hunting outlaws was interesting to me, as well as just generally that idea of the loose cannon cop. So, originally I’d decided to do kind of a cop show format, with the first episode introducing the character and a murder scene, the identity of the victim being decided by users. But then, reading the thread for the contest, I found a post that had an idea for a story where the main character was a superhero by day, supervillain by night (by equal turns both good and evil, like Taffin) and decided to adapt that.

Afterwards it was just a matter of coming up with powers that I could easily portray on a limited budget, and working out the visual and general aesthetic of the production. I’ve continued working on it, and I’m getting a little closer, but I’m still not quite sure I’m there yet. This is the next video, which is more fully scripted, and took a few more hours to shoot and edit (though still took place over much less than a day).

I’ve been working on the next trailer which promises to be slightly better and a little different in tone, as I’ve been taking notes from people I’ve shown the videos to. That’ll be up soon, hopefully! The project starts properly on Wednesday, August 1st.


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