What is in the Angel: After the Fall Slipcase Edition?

I will tell you what is in the Angel: After the Fall Slipcase edition. Basically it is just the four trade paperbacks and a cool orange relatively hard slipcase with designs of the characters on it. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but basically just the first four trades (the series collectively named After The Fall) are canon in terms of fitting in with Buffy Season 8 and 9, after that there is the pretty much canon Spike: After the Fall (some stuff is referenced lightly in Angel: After the Fall, which is enough to make it canon for me, plus it’s based on discussion about what Spike was up to with Joss) and the official cannon Spike: The Complete Series.

After that you can pretty much just think of the other Angel comics as a continuation of the story in a direction that could be cool. I kinda really like the Buffy series though so I’m pretty much just sticking with what ties in with that for canon (plus it saves on book costs), but if you want to read more (potentially) kickass stories set in the same world, with that continuing story and characters, well, that’s kind of the spirit of what the whole Buffy/Angel comic series is about, so, knock yourself out. Oh wait I just realized this is the internet I have to come down on one side or the other on this: NEVER READ ANYTHING EXCEPT ISSUES ONE, FIVE, TEN, ELEVEN, EIGHTEEN, THIRTY ONE of ANGEL and then read SPIKE: AFTER THE FALL (but only the back half) then start at Willow Wonderland and work backwards in time, including rewinding vhs cassette tapes of Buffy and Angel episodes, this is now the only way I will allow you to enjoy the Buffyverse.


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