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Okay, so, after that last post, some things have changed! First of all Misfits ended, I thought it was a pretty good season. At the moment my new TV show to watch is Utopia, which is also a Channel 4 production and also has the guy who plays Curtis on Misfits. It’s kind of about conspiracies and it’s shot really well, sometimes it can seem a little infantile in its exuberance but mostly it’s really strong and the score is incredible.

I also finished reading Angel: After the Fall -and- Spike: After the Fall, so now I can fully recommend both of those as being excellent, Spike: After the Fall in particular helped make things in Angel: AtF  make a lot more sense for the characters, so I’d probably say you should definitely pick them both up. I got Spike: AtF in hardcover and it’s nice and high quality, very pretty. I’m also 3/4 of the way through Buffy: Season 8 now with the release of the third Library Edition oversized hardcover! It’s definitely going on a huge scale which I love but still keeping an intimate feel between characters, basically it’s really great. Some of it felt a little weird but I’m looking forward to re-reading them all in sequence again when volume 4 comes out in April/May.

Oh, I bought the first Compendium for The Walking Dead comic and that is really great too, again as with Utopia sometimes it can feel a little infantile with how “extreme” it gets but generally it’s pretty good. You definitely get involved in the story and feel the light and darkness in Rick’s development as things continue. Looking forward to finding out more in the second Compendium once I get that (also, they’re like 1100 pages each! It is insane).

I’m currently trying to find more ways to collaborate in creating art so I’ve got a few projects going on that front. Alright, well, there we go internet, that’s all I’ve got for now.


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