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Wait I was gonna put together a list of some stuff for audio and animation
Lemme get right on that here we go suckaz gonna get so much onto this
And I’m gonna intersperse it with stuff I’ve done/like

By converting the audio to video, you lose elements of the sound (intimacy, and highlighting elements with imagery causes other aspects to change) – however this process also acts as a “bridge” for the extra information from the video to hopefully fill in those gaps with frog DNA. The “job” of most pieces of traditional video is to create a harmonious link between audio and visual components to create an experience for the viewer.

Okay so! Toolkit for creating short animations — creative commons music, sound effects and images. These are basically ideal unless you can create your own stuff. Can’t write? There are also creative commons scripts! (There are probably other sites out there for this stuff, these are just example links). Of course all this creative commons business is if you want to show this stuff off to a larger audience, to a degree you could probably get away with using licensed stuff for smaller projects but then you wouldn’t own the property so you have less rights to it (unless you can claim fair use etc, but, that’s a whole other thing).

YouTube is a pretty good resource for help creating your own music and sound effects (foley ideas etc – also google) but writing can be a little more difficult. Pretty much with all this stuff you have to practice as well as researching the material: Oh look here is a thing someone linked at me once!

Speaking of linking to things isn’t it time you linked to that 19 Nocturne Boulevard stuff you were gonna link to that has the stuff about writing and audio techniques etc? Sure okay. But let it also be said that there’s a bunch more on the iTunes feed or the RSS feed under Tone Didactic. And while we’re at it, some other good audio drama-type places: KWUR Theater of the Air, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, We’re Alive, and Our Fair City.

What else was I going to link to? Nobody knows. I do not remember. Maybe this John Hodgman Today In The Past thing.



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